WordPress Homework


Your assignment is to make 2 POSTS, to WestbyXD.com, via the WordPress interface.

DUE BEFORE Tuesday’s class. Not quickly published in-class.

The process is exactly as shown in class.

You will receive login and password info before end of day today.

Minimum requirements for a post:

  • Title
  • Sub title
  • Some short body copy
  • A “Featured” Image
  • An image inside the post
  • A link to somewhere
  • A Proper Category
  • Proper Tag(s)

Be creative. Why not. *\/“\/*

The 2 POSTs Content criteria:

  1. Revisit the h.w. Assig from way early in the semester about teaching yourself web design. Throw that info and pics and links into a post, or re-think it and post a “better” link. Future students may dig this. 
  2. A link to your recently completed portfolio site.
    Include some overview text!
    If yours is still a work-in-progress for any reason, post what you have or something anything.
    Yes, after last day of class you may delete your portfolio website link for any reason

Please watch your image file weight!


Check your posts!

See that the entire look and feel of westbyxd is now totally different.

Note. For those of you that poke around the WordPress interface… certain areas will not be editable by you, due to me setting your “admin” controls to a certain level. No oopsies then.

Yup, just 2 interesting posts to wordpress and you’re good for Tuesday.