project 3 formal presentation


  1. Hand in printed branded process book
  2. Talk about your concept and process
  3. Show finished website online

Process Book


  • Screen viewable process book (for verbal/visual critique)
  • Share link to pdf of that document
  • Printed pdf (scaled down might look better)


Note that the process book needs to include your conclusion, your finished work.

  1. One “slide” of a screenshot of desktop and mobile versions cropped plain on white background
  2. One “slide” of the website in-situ. A mockup, per se. Your choice. What’s it look like in the wild?



  1. Online for public viewing
  2. Blog post to westby xd.
    Include: text / link to site / a “thumbnail” image – no larger than 150px x 150px

Finished project 3 website must be online working.

Where Should You Go To Learn WordPress?

WPBeginner, of Course!

Like you, I was looking for free and alternative web sites dedicated to learning WordPress without all that techno-speak B.S., that was also supported by a very knowledgeable, supportive and friendly community. That’s where

WPBeginner is helping me with a WordPress project I am currently working on! Also, they have some of the most active Meet Up groups in the NYC/NJ/Philly area! Give them a try!

Want to learn hand lettering?

If you ever wanted to get into hand lettering, this is a great place to start. Stephen Bradbury does a lot of great tutorials and is a great artist to follow to get into lettering. You can find him on IG and Behance here.

Hand Lettering Tutorial for Beginners